Pastor J. Awolaja

Senior Pastor

John A. Awolaja is the senior pastor of Fountain of Life Christian Church (Royal House) London, UK established through the ordinance of God in June 2014. He is called and anointed for the purpose of teaching the gospel effectively to nourish and uplift those who are willing to listen so their faith will be established in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and that their confidence to meet and overcome life’s challenges will grow. His mandate is to encourage them to forsake sin and obey the word and apply all they have learnt. He has served the Lord faithfully in other ministries for over 24 years and during these years the Lord has equipped him for this time and season. He is a profound and thorough teacher of the scriptures with precision and clarity.

His practical approach towards peoples’ needs bring out the intensity and integrity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus at every meetings and conferences.

He is uncompromisingly truthful and bold towards the concepts of the kingdom of God, yet very humble in character, he is a mentor and someone that leads by example.

Pastor John is married to Phoebe Awolaja and they are blessed with three children

Pastor Phoebe Awolaja

Associate Pastor

Phoebe Awolaja is the Associate Pastor of Fountain Of Life Christian Centre UK (Royal House), founded through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in June 2014.

She has served in other churches as a minister of the gospel for over 24 years. She now serves alongside her husband John Awolaja who is the senior pastor of F.O.L.C.C UK.

Phoebe Awolaja is also minister in charge of the women arm of the church (InTouch Women)

She motivates and encourages all women through teachings, prayers, regular meetings and special events to enhance spiritual maturity and fulfilment of purpose. She facilitates seminars, summits and conferences aimed at enriching women with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to fulfil their God given potential.

She is a special gift to the body Christ, particularly to women, youth and children in ministry, challenging and motivating them to find, follow and fulfil the will of God for their lives. She is indebted and sold out for the proclamation of the gospel and always giving her totality to sharing and extending the love of God in a practical and compassionate way.

She is the facilitator of INSIGHT, a vision born out of the deep passion to touch lives by being sensitive to the needs and aspirations of people, digging deep into causes of issues affecting individuals, families, groups, organisations, communities, and creating avenues or ways for solution through teachings, counselling and practical support.

Her passion for prayer and counselling is unrelenting, consistent and effective through the power of God. She believes that with God all things are possible. She is a fervent proponent of family institution, she is also children and young people practitioner, and a mentor.

She a mother of three blessed children, always ready and willing to inspire more.

Pastoral Team

Ariyike Akinola- Supporting Minister of InTouch Women & Coordinator of Intercessory team /street evangelism

Olubunmi Agberowei: Supporting Minister of Evangelical outreaches

Paul Akintimehin: Supporting Minister of Men’s fellowship & Secretary of FOLCC

Praise Bola Awolaja: Worship team coordinator & Administrator of FOLCC

Rebecca Kofi: Choir/ Finance coordinator

Daniel Effiong: Ushering team Coordinator

Tutu Sanni: Coordinator of Charity Arm of FOLCC.