About Us

Mission statements

Preaching the integrity of God’s Word. Raising Kingdom-minded People.


  • To lead people into a true relationship with Christ through the light of the word
  • To build families and communities of kingdom-minded believers through an intensive teaching of the scriptures.
  • To impact nations and territories for Christ, making accessible the good news of the gospel, equipping the saints in the word, and to be devoted to prayer and evangelism
  • To raise disciples and leaders with vision and purpose, and to help members discover their dreams and destiny
  • To establish word and prayer based church

Who We Are

A holy spirit-led church established on the principles of the kingdom and tenets of christ – the fountain of life and the living word of God. John1:1-2

We are a family-oriented church established uniquely to accommodate family ethics

We are a family of Christ, a body of the pentecostal and evangelical church where family values are very important and righteousness prioritized

A body united in love and affection, believing in the power of prayer and adherence to the uncompromising word of God

A place of refuge for the oppressed, rejected and hopeless, where signs and wonders manifest through the power of the holy spirit and the blood of christ

We provide a calm and constructive environment for you and your family

Welcome to Fountain Of Life Christian Centre where the undiluted word of God is preached with Integrity. Our mission is raising Spiritual Leaders of tomorrow.

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